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How to help people avoid and survive cancer

Dr Kathryn Scott, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cancer Research how as a society we are doing with lowering cancer risk, screening, awareness, diagnosis, and treatment to help people avoid and survive cancer.

Creating a media brand that some people will hate

John introduces the concept behind the DBAD (Don't be a dickhead) movement that analyses our behaviours to try to make the world a better place. This podcast covers mission and purposes along with the risks of associating yourself with a brand that some people cannot relate to all.... and why that is a good thing!

5 ways to create social good when you can't do your job

Whilst many communications workers have never been busier, we're in a time when others don't have the resources or have have even been furloughed during the COVID-19. John describes 5 things he feels all communicators can do to create good during this time.

How a local campaign film series got over 4 million views

John describes how Not in our community's short films went viral and held attention of young people to teach them about the risks of County Lines child criminal exploitation.

5 things we’ve learned about communications during the Covid-19 lockdown

Thanks to all of the amazing NHS, VCS and DIY communicators who are helping keep everyone safe and sane at this time!

Playing your part in a positive community

In another timely episode, we discuss why and how you can give back to your community. If ever there was a time where we need a sense of belonging and can find purpose by acting in a way that helps others it is now. Fortunately, co-founder of HEY blogger Emma Palmer is a specialist at this very topic and has many practical tips to share.

Supporting children's thoughts and feelings in these torrid times

Special episode: What are the opportunities to make the Covid-19 virus as positive an experience as possible for young people? Practical advice is shared as John speaks with Sue Altass a specialist in Mental Health & Mindset for Business and the Education sectors.

Breaking the bonds of grooming and sexual exploitation

Viv Blackledge, specialist at Cornerhouse discusses the complex challenge of supporting young people experiencing grooming and sexual exploitation. Viv explains the tactics abusers use to prey on and control their victims by fulfilling unmet needs, creating dependency and even love.

Getting Girls and Women into Manufacturing and Engineering

Dr Kirsty Clode, Chair of Women into Manufacturing and Engineering describes her passion for STEM, the benefits of a diverse team and why she is applying her 26 years’ experience managing teams within a major global multi-billion dollar business to help meet create greater aspiration and opportunity for girls and women in the Humber area.

Practical research with young people

John recommends 5 practical research techniques to effectively carryout research with young people to create an effective campaign, service or intervention.

Talking crime and love with Mo Timbo

John Gilbert talks with Mo Timbo; a pastor who devotes his life to helping young people without positive role models in the home navigate their way through many of life’s challenges.

Challenging attitudes through live theatre

Aidan Thompson-Coates. Artistic Director, ApposArt discusses the process and power of live theatre as a media to challenge attitudes and change behaviour on social issues such as mental health, male sexual abuse and the impacts of social media.

Talking psychotherapy with Space2BHeard

John speaks with Laura Stead and Hayley Jackson from Space2BHeard about how their approach to counselling and psychotherapy and how through transactional analysis (I'm OK, You're OK) they are helping a wide range of people throughout Hull. This podcast discusses how to know if you’d benefit from therapy, emerging therapeutic needs of people from different backgrounds and how as a relatively new organisation Space2BHeard is held together by shared values.

Alcohol-free beer and creating the Low Ale Trail

John Gilbert and Pippa Clarkson of eskimosoup share five key insights from the research and development of an alcohol reduction initiative; the Low Ale Trail, they have developed with Hull Public Health. This podcast discusses positivity in social norms, timing and how as marketers they threw themselves into the challenge to learn about the many facets, they needed to consider to make this work. They also debate alcoholic vs alcohol-free beer and whether they can tell the difference!

Supporting Young People through Positive Role Models

John talks with Kayleigh Jackson, Social Inclusion Manager at Tigers Sport and Education Trust about the work she and her colleagues do to increase participation and development through the Kicks programme and initiatives with young people.

Creating Survivor Stories Films

John Gilbert, Managing Director of eskimosoup shares 5 tips on how to tell a survivor story through film.

Social Media for Behaviour Change

John Gilbert, Managing Director of eskimosoup shares 5 tips on using social media within behavioural campaigns.

Conducting Sensitive Interviews

John Gilbert, Managing Director of eskimosoup shares 5 tips on how to conduct a sensitive interview.

Finding Your Purpose

John Gilbert, Managing Director of eskimosoup shares is views on the steps it takes to find your purpose as a social change maker.

Turning Disadvantage into Advantage

John Gilbert shares 5 tips on how social change makers and entrepreneurs can turn disadvantage to your advantage.

Branding Yourself as a Changemaker

John Gilbert, Managing Director of eskimosoup shares 5 tips on how to brand yourself to achieve social change.

Reducing the Personal Cost of Social Media

Our guest is one of the nicest guys in social media; Callum Major Head of Production at Squideo. Callum and John discuss why we like to be liked online and how to avoid the personal cost of social media such as the risks of feeling negatively about other people, when and how to celebrate your personal achievements, and how to be self-aware about you’re your feeling, as well as others.

Building a Community around Men’s Mental Health

John Gilbert talks with Paul Longley about his journey from Production manager and rugby coach to mental health champion. We also discuss the Andy’s Man Club identity, the importance of getting together with other people to share experiences, how to leverage social media as a tool for positivity, and also how whilst it is important to talk about mental health it is equally significant that we listen.

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